The Epidemic Is Getting Worse! Many Countries Charter Flights To China For Shopping. The Reason Is That It Is So Serious

- Apr 15, 2020-

The epidemic is getting worse! Many countries charter flights to China for shopping. The reason is that it is so serious

With the spread of epidemic situation in foreign countries, the shortage of epidemic prevention materials is very prominent. As a manufacturing country, China has become the first choice for countries to purchase epidemic prevention materials.

Recently, the cargo flights of "mask charter" in various countries are concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and other international airports. Some of these airplanes are cargo planes instead of airliners, and some are cargo planes or even military aircraft that are rarely seen in ordinary times.

1. Five foreign military aircraft come to Shanghai to bring goods in a day

Two il76 heavy transport aircraft of Algerian air force took off from Russian Kazan airport on the evening of April 3 and landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on April 4. Two chartered planes loaded with a large number of anti epidemic materials, including masks, took off in the afternoon and returned to Kazan airport.

Two il76 heavy transport aircraft of the Russian air force also took off from Novosibirsk airport and landed at Pudong airport. They returned to Russia in the afternoon after carrying a large number of anti epidemic materials such as masks. The third Russian Air Force chartered An-124, which landed at Pudong Airport at 20:00 on the 4th, and returned home in the morning of the 5th after being filled with anti epidemic materials.


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