What are the raw materials for the production of masks?

- Apr 16, 2020-

What are the raw materials for the production of masks?

At present, there are three kinds of medical masks in China: the highest level of protection of medical masks, surgical masks commonly used in the operating room and disposable medical masks of common level.

We usually say that the mask is made of non-woven fabric. Compared with textile fabric, non-woven fabric is made of directional or random fibers. Specifically to the mask, its raw materials are all polypropylene (PP), medical masks are generally multi-layer structure, generally referred to as SMS structure.

From the point of view of mask material, PP high melt finger non-woven fabric special material is the best choice to produce PP products with a melt mass flow rate of 33-41g / min, which meets the standard of sanitary material PP non-woven fabric.

From the perspective of fiber application, polypropylene fiber special material products are used in nonwovens, clothing fabrics, carpet silk, medical surgical supplies, civil health supplies and other fields.


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