El proveedor del motor le explica por qué el motor del ventilador no funciona.

- Apr 23, 2020-

The motor supplier tells you why the fan motor doesn & #39;t work

The reason why the fan motor doesn & #39;t rotate 1. The motor & #39;s lubricating oil is not enough. When the fan motor doesn & #39;t rotate, the first thing we should consider is that the motor & #39;s lubricating oil is not enough. How to judge? If we take off the blades, the rotating shaft can rotate normally, and the blades can & #39;t rotate again. After we disconnect the power supply, gently move the blades, and find that the blades rotate a little stiff, it means that there is no oil. On the contrary, if it turns easily, it means that the lubrication is good, and other reasons should be found. 2. After the electric fan has been used for a long time due to the wear of the motor, the motor is bound to wear. When the shaft sleeve of the motor is worn, it is easy to burn. And the motor used for a long time, will make the internal resistance of the motor become large, the load capacity become low, resulting in the failure to drive the blade rotation normally.


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