Identification technology of non-woven wallpaper

- Apr 16, 2020-

Identification technology of non-woven wallpaper

1. Feel your hands

Pure wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper look very similar, but they have many different aspects. Although it seems that there is any difference between them, but there is no texture, the texture of pure wallpaper will be more flexible, because pure wallpaper is made of wood pulp.

2. Mildew proof and waterproof

Drop a few drops of water on the surface of the wallpaper, completely invade the wallpaper into the water, test the water permeability of the wallpaper, and the water permeability is not very good. After a drop of water, whether the surface of the wallpaper dried with paper is colored, especially the color of the wallpaper is brighter. The waterproof and moisture-proof treatment that the wallpaper has been treated is made on the wall and the wallpaper will not shrink during use.

3. Chromatic aberration

Due to the use of natural materials, non-woven wallpaper may have gradual color difference, which is a normal phenomenon, not a product quality problem.

4. Good environmental protection

Environmental protection wallpaper almost no smell, some poor wallpaper will have a pungent smell. This kind of wallpaper can't be bought. If conditions permit, you can light up a small amount of wallpaper. If less odor is produced, a small amount of gray powder will be discharged without forming black smoke, which can prove that wallpaper has high environmental protection performance.


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