Los fabricantes de motores de ventilador de escape de China le indican las precauciones para repostar el motor del ventilador.

- Apr 26, 2020-

El fabricante del motor del ventilador de escape le indica las precauciones para repostar el motor del ventilador.

The most critical part of the electric fan is the motor. If the motor is aged and jammed, it will lead to the failure of the fan blades that can not rotate fast or move. Next, let & #39;s introduce the oil filling method and oil type of the electric fan.

1、 Oil washing method of electric fan

1. Open the electric fan motor, remove the motor shell, the rotor part of the motor, and the copper sleeve and linoleum.

2. Use gasoline or alcohol to clean copper sleeve, bearing, linoleum and other small parts.

3. After cleaning and drying, fill oil directly, and then assemble and restore.

2、 Type of electric oil

1. Special fan oil, odorous;

2. Sewing machine lubricating oil, odorous;

3. Motor oil is easy to absorb dust, which causes motor bearing to hold axle;

4. Edible oil will cause corrosion for a long time, resulting in the motor stuck.

3、 Refueling precautions

1. Mark the motor shell when disassembling the motor to facilitate assembly and reduction;

2. Do not damage the power cord when disassembling, remember the screws at all parts, and do not mix them up;

3. Do not overflow during oil filling, and remove the spilled oil in time.


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